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Nature's Select Referral Program
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We are so happy to announce that our "BARK OUT THE WORD" Nature's Select Referral Program is here! Easily refer friends & family by sharing your unique referral link that can be found within your Nature's Select online account. Don't yet have a Nature's Select account? Easily create one today so you can start earning rewards! Click below to create an online account with us. 


Nature's Select Referral Program


1 - Share your "BARK OUT THE WORD" CARD with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.


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2 - When they place their second order, you will automatically get $20 store credit, in the form of a "KIBBLE CASH" coupon e-mailed to you, and they get $10 OFF on their first Nature's Select Pet Food purchase using coupon code: NEW10.


3 - It's that easy! Refer More = Save More. "BARK " OUT THE WORD about Nature's Select Pet Food to save money on future purchases! It's never been easier to refer your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and fellow pet lovers!


Nature's Select Products


An existing Nature's Select Customer "BARKS " OUT THE WORD about Nature's Select by sharing their "BARK CARD" with a  NEW customer. Once the new customer makes their second purchase of pet products from our site - whether it be treats, pet food, canned food, supplements, etc - you will automatically get a coupon e-mailed to you for $20 "KIBBLE CASH" for store credit back into your Nature's Select account, and the NEW customer gets $10 off on their FIRST purchase with us. It's a win win for everyone! 


Happy Referral Rewards


  • NEW CUSTOMER GETS: $10 off their first purchase
  • EXISTING CUSTOMER GETS: $20 "KIBBLE CASH" store credit for each successful referral
  • Your referral MUST place an order for kibble to be eligible.
  • Your referral MUST purchase letting us know you referred them, otherwise it will not connect to your account and you will not receive your referral reward.
  • Referral Rewards can be redeemed up to 6 months after received.
  • Store Credit/Referral Rewards CAN NOT be redeemed on Nature's Select Subscription or Auto-Renew discounted products.


You can find your "BARK CARDS" in your new customer welcome box or one card comes with every order delivered to your home.


Questions? Contact us directly (937) 242-7599 to speak with a live Pet Care Advisor. Our team is available weekdays 9am to 4pm EST. We're always happy to help you!