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Cat and Dog Food Delivery

Browse and shop our selection of pet food products to ensure that your best friend grows with the necessary nutrients and supplements for a long and happy life. We offer cat and dog food delivery, such as dry food, canned meals, and tasty treats that your pets will absolutely enjoy. We have something for every pet! Whether your faithful companion is big or small, has sensitive digestion, or is a picky eater, we have the right food and supplements to nurture their health and nutrition. Nature’s Select offers cat and dog food delivery online to Ohio and the northern Kentucky area by bringing all-natural pet products right to your doorstep.

Happy Customers

Hear why tails across America are wagging for Nature's Select!

I've been on this pet food since I was just a small puppy. Now, I'm a BIG healthy girl with an active lifestyle!

- Ruby, Golden Retriever

Service dogs require sound nutrition to perform the best job of all: taking care of my human.

- Sarg, Service Dog

Thanks to my pet food I'm able to provide my US Veteran the independence he deserves.

Gary, Vet Dog

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Where we source, food safety, freshness and quality.

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What's inside The Bag?

When we set out to create Nature’s Select Pet Food, we did our research, met with top ingredient producers and developed each formula to serve specific purposes
while meeting our own set of high standards... Read More

Pets Love Our Recipes

Dogs can't seem to get enough of our tasty Nature's Select recipes. We have something for everyone, regardless of your pet's needs. Select from a range of protein options that will surely satisfy whatever your pet is craving... Read More



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Our Story

Our journey with Nature's Select pet food started with the adoption of Nick, our first retired racing Greyhound. The adoption group recommended the food. After looking into the formulation and manufacturing practices of Nature's Select pet food, which has been family owned, started in 1994 and no recalls ever Alan decided, after just retiring, to look into the business as a distributor here in Ohio. We have to believe in our product to be able to represent the brand. All our pups have been taste testers for any product we carry.

“From day one, we have always been about healthy and natural pet food products, ensuring your pet receives the best quality. We have never sacrificed ingredient integrity as we choose to use trusted suppliers and local ingredients. Our pet food is all made right here in the USA and we remain a family-owned private company."

Alan Schrager and family

Chosen by Service Dogs

We are proud partners with respected service dog organizations across America.
Discover why they trust us for healthy nutrition and personalized service.

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Our all-natural products have made pets happy & healthy since 1994.

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